When we are born the first set of teeth we obtain is our milk teeth. Slowly, they start showing, and between the transition years of 6-12 years, a lot of changes occur. Your milk teeth slowly begin falling and are replaced by the permanent set comprising of premolars, molars, incisors, canines and then finally your wisdom teeth. But sometimes it might get disrupted due to some external factors like the structure of teeth alignment changing due to colliding with a foreign object. Damaged teeth may distort the precious smile that you have on your face.

Sometimes due to other factors, the arrangement of the teeth is affected, and they start growing in an unstructured direction and looks ugly. These shortcomings can be mitigated by adopting dental instruments such as braces.

11 Essential Facts About Dental Braces That You Must Know

Dental Braces also called orthodontic case is a kind of device used by dentists to correctly align teeth and straighten teeth position and are used with the intention of improving dental health. The single most significant advantage of wearing braces is that it helps in correcting a crooked smile. This way the person wearing them is more confident both on the inside and outside. Wearing braces can help correct uneven bite sue to misaligned teeth which may lead to complications in the future and also breaking the teeth sometimes.

Here are the 11 facts about Dental Braces which will surely help you to get a better idea of the instrument –

  1. There are primarily four different types of braces. Traditional metal-wired braces are made up of stainless-steel and sometimes are combined with titanium. Conventionally metal braces are the most popular pairs which are available in the global market. These braces have a metal bracket with elastic (rubber band) ties holding the wire onto the metal brackets.
  2. Gold-plated stainless steel braces are often employed for patients allergic to nickel (a necessary and vital element of stainless steel), but may also be chosen because some people prefer the look of gold.

  3. Lingual braces are a cosmetic alternative in which custom-made braces are bonded to the back of the teeth making them externally invisible.

  4. Titanium braces resemble stainless steel braces but are lighter and just as durable. People with that are allergic to the nickel in steel often choose titanium braces, but they are more expensive than stainless steel braces.

  5. Taking care of your braces is also an essential part of your dental hygiene. The structure of metal braces can be deformed by eating the following ingredients. Like caramel, hard or chewy candy, and hard snack foods. Examples:  Now and Laters, Sugar Daddies, and Fireballs.

  6. Nuts and Popcorn are to be avoided as they can get stuck in your braces and cause problems later on. It is not all about the aesthetic with braces. Braces, in the long run, are helping in the straightening of the teeth. Straighter teeth help in better chewing, biting and even speak better. Straighter teeth are comfortable to brush, clean and floss.

  7. Food gets stuck in between teeth if the orientation of teeth is not proper and causes problems in the long run, this way by using correctional braces the gap between teeth can be corrected.

  8. In aesthetic section metal ones are not always preferred because it doesn’t look good on some people and adults don’t prefer it, so they prefer ceramic braces as they blend in and are not so visible.

  9. One cannot stress on this point enough, and many people dislike wearing braces because it spoils their style and makes them look ugly and mostly because they have to take additional care in their dental requirements and this is one of a hectic job.

  10. Also, braces are mainly made from metal so many patients complain of the pain and discomfort one has to face while wearing them for long periods of time; This is irritating and causes pain for long periods of time.

  11. You will have to avoid certain foods as they are not good to be taken when one has braces. Your choice of food will decrease. You have to deal with braces damage and repair them every time something goes wrong. Your teeth with metal braces tend to become sore.

Dr. Ross Quartano, a reputed Covington Dentist, suggests that metal braces are the best option to correct the wrong alignment of teeth. There are many other alternatives, but metal ones are the best weighing in their pros and cons.

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