What Is Bad Breath?

Bad Breath is one of the most common Oral diseases, and it is known as halitosis. Unpleasant- smelling breath of humans is known as Bad Breath. It is a common problem for those who are not much serious about their oral health and hygiene, now day’s 40 percent population suffers from Bad Breath. Bad Breath is caused because of the presence of more than enough bacteria in the human mouth.

Bad Breath Causes Symptoms Prevention And Treatment
Bad Breath

Causes Of Bad Breath

  • Spicy Food:

Food is one the main reason behind Bad Breath.  After chewing, when small food particles stuck in the mouth, it causes a rapid increase in bacteria, and later it Causes Bad Breath

  • Dry Mouth:

Lack of saliva can be very unhealthy for the mouth. Presence of saliva in the mouth is significant to have control over mouth bacteria otherwise it causes various Oral problems, and Bad Breath is one of them.

  • Smoking:

Smoking is not only injurious for health it also has a very negative effect on your oral health. Almost all the smokers and tobacco consumers have gum disease, which causes Bad Breath.

  • Medicines:

Some medicines cause Bad Breath because they release various kinds of chemicals once they start dissolving in a human body. Others make human mouth dry which causes Bad Breath.  

  • Hygiene:

Brushing removes all the small food particles sucked into the mouth and keeps mouth fresh.  If teeth and mouth are not cleaned regularly, it will cause bad breath.

Symptoms Of Bad Breath

Any unpleasant smell from the mouth is the Symptom of Bad Breath. Having thick saliva and always need to clean the throat can be a sign of Bad Breath. Constant sour and bitter taste without eating something can also be the symptom of Bad Breath.

Generally, it is very tough to understand whether you have the problem of Bad Breath or you are worried about nothing. It is better to ask your friend if your breath is normal or not.

Types of Bad Breath

The kind of Bad Breath is distinguished generally based on its smell. There are 5 common types of Bad Breath

  • Tonsil:

It usually lasts for 48 hours.  It happens because of infection in tonsils. A headache, high fever, and unnecessary pain are some major symptoms of Tonsil.

  • Mouth:

This type of bad breath is directly related to what is happening in your mouth. It happens because of poor hygiene and consuming sugary food is also a major reason for the Bad Breath.

  • Sinus:

Minor allergic infection or cold are some major reasons for the Sinus infection.  It happens when paranasal sinus is inflamed. It’s a very common problem for the people having a fragile immune system.

  • Drug:

Many medicines can cause bad breath by reducing the quantity of saliva present in the mouth. Seventy percent of medicines can cause dryness in the mouth or sometimes their reaction with the body cause Bad Breath.

  • Gut:

Many times our digestive system cause bad breath. Every time our stomach allows air to move up into our mouth and oral cavity then it undoubtedly causes bad breath.

Prevention Of Bad Breath

Prevention of Bad Breath is almost impossible; I repeat it is almost impossible.  Bad breath happens when food particles stuck in our teeth, and it is impossible to survive without eating food. Bad breath can be reduced by adopting good oral habits and changing diet. Regular mouthwash and reducing the consumption of sugar can also help to some extent.

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Treatment For Bad Breath

Treatments of Bad Breath are very natural and easy. There are various effective remedies to cure Bad Breath like

  • Avoid dry mouth:

Drinking more than four-liter water every day is sufficient to keep your mouth moisturized all the time. Chewing sugar-free gums can also be very effective in keeping your mouth moisturized all the time.

  • Good Diet:

It essential to change your diet and adopt a new diet to avoid bad Breath. Reducing the consumption of all kinds of sugary things, spicy foods and onions garlic can be extremely effective.

  • Brushing Teeth:

This one is the easiest thing, and it has hell a lot effect. Brushing the teeth twice a day is a healthy habit.

  • Cleaning tongue:

Cleaning tongue is also very important to avoid bad breath because a human tongue contains thousands of bacteria and food particles, if it remains unclean then there are high chances of Having Bad Breath.

Bad Breath is very common, but there are ways to deal with the issue.  Dr. Ross Quartano, a highly trained dentist in Covington, suggests that it is necessary to have a regular dental checkup and good oral habits to avoid the chances of Bad Breath as much as possible.