Dentures Or false teeth

A smile can change people’s mood. Wearing a smile on our face makes us more beautiful and confident. But what if one or two teeth of ours are missing? It would indeed be funny. Forget the funny look think about how hesitant we would be to open our mouth! Dentures are the solution we would all have waited impatiently.

How Do Dentures Help?

Dentures or false tooth are devices constructed to replace the missing teeth. They can be removed whenever we want and are available in a variety of designs as well. There are mainly two categories of dentures: removable partial dentures and complete dentures.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are used when only a few of the teeth are missing. These are in turn divided into two: removable and fixed. These may have a metal framework that connects to the teeth and is natural looking. Sometimes to attach them to the teeth some part of the crown is required.

Dentures Steps Involved Advantages And Disadvantages

Removable partial dentures are recommended when patients miss some of their teeth on a particular arch, meaning the teeth missing were located continuously. Fixed partial dentures are made from the crowns of the remaining teeth. The latter is more expensive but more stable than the former.

Complete dentures

Complete dentures are worn by patients who miss their teeth in a single or both arches.

What Are The Steps Involved?

Dentures require several steps. Hence we are supposed to visit the clinic quite sometimes.

Step 1: Impressions of the gums are taken.

Step 2: wax rims are placed in the mouth to establish an occlusion of the teeth. We are then required to select the shape, size, and shape of the teeth for the denture.

Step 3: A model of the chosen denture is made. We are asked to check it and inform the doctor if any changes are to be made. Based on our feedback the final denture is made.

Step 4: The dentures are fixed into our gums. We are supposed to visit the doctor if any sore spots or any other issue is experienced.

Dentures – Pros And Cons

Just like every other treatment available, dentures have certain advantages and disadvantages too. They are discussed below.


  1.    Appearance: The natural smile of a person is restored.
  2.    Functional: It is possible for people to eat without any trouble.
  3.    Versatility: Dentures are available in a myriad of forms. People can choose the best that suits their teeth.
  4.    Health: Dentures support facial muscles and structures and decrease oral bone loss.
  5.    Cost: They are cost-effective.


  1.    Gagging is experienced by patients.
  2.    Halitosis or bad breath is a major issue.
  3.    Food particles get stuck, and it is difficult to clean them.
  4.    It takes time to adjust with the dentures.
  5.    They don’t work like natural teeth.
  6.    Biting with the front dentures can cause the back dentures to dislodge.

Risks Of Dentures

Dentures have risks involved too. Patients must be aware of this before they decide to have them. Dentures affect oral hygiene. The following are the complications dentures come with:

  1.    Pain: Patients experience a lot of pain.
  2.    Discomfort: Not all dentures are comfortable. Sometimes our choices may go wrong.
  3.    Bleeding gums: since dentures are foreign substance as far as our mouth is concerned, the gums bleed due to friction.
  4.    Swelling: Gums swell as a result of bleeding.
  5.    Ulcers: They may last for a couple of weeks.
  6.    Gum abscess: This happens mostly due to poor oral hygiene.
  7.    Cracks formation in the corner of the mouth: This too results due to friction.
  8.    Halitosis: Bad breath is experienced.

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Dentures come with more advantages than disadvantages. If one maintains good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing daily, half of the above-mentioned problems can be solved. Dentures are a blessing to people who have lost teeth. But every treatment must be done perfectly to solve the problem well.

There are a few options for dentures, the main ones being bridges and implants. However, all these require the best doctors who are experienced enough. Dr. Tyson, an expert dentist in Huntsville AL, recommends his patients to take time and decide carefully on what choices are to be made regarding the shape, size, and shade of the dentures.