We all desire a beautiful set of teeth and a beautiful smile. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to fix the natural way our teeth look and to achieve that, this is ultimately done with the help of braces. Braces are highly specialized devices that can only be fixed by a certified orthodontic Doctor who has an expertise in the field. Dentists such as Dr. Roman Fedorciw, a professional Rocky Hill dentist, suggest installing braces for patients who wish to reshape their teeth alignment.

8 Teeth Problems And Reasons Why You Should Opt For Braces
Dental Braces And Invisalign

1. Overbite

If you have a condition where your bottom teeth bite into the roof of your mouth, or you see they completely disappear as you bite, you might be suffering from overbite condition. If not treated with care, it can lead to damage to your tissue and also to your front teeth. It does not matter how old you are; specialized dentists can improve the appearance of your smile. It is advised to treat this as early as you can during young age the jaws aren’t fully grown which makes it easier to move during the treatment.

2. Underbite

If you have a condition where your lower teeth overlap over the set of your front teeth, then you have the condition called as Underbite. It can be treated by the orthodontists. This condition can be harmful to you while eating or talking and increase the chance of your oral injury.

3. Open bite:

If you notice a significant gap between your teeth when you look in the mirror, then you have the condition known as ‘Open Bite.’ People who suffer from this condition often tend to have problems while eating and speaking properly. Some tend to have weird habits like tongue thrusting. This condition is fixed with the help of braces, thereby correcting the set of your teeth.

4. Spacing:

8 Teeth Problems And Reasons Why You Should Opt For Braces
Space Or Gap Between The Teeth

If you have irregular spaces between your teeth and wide gaps, this can be due to variable proportions of your teeth when compared to the rest or also because of missing teeth. It might seem like involving some cosmetic surgery, but it can be fixed with the help of braces and can give you your beautiful smile back. The irregular spacing is embarrassing as it results in food particles getting stuck or to your gums, which may result in bad breath and oral cavities.

5. Crowding:

It is one of the most common reasons to opt for braces. This condition is faced by people who do not have enough room in their mouth for all their teeth, this might result in overlapping, and the condition is called crowding. Opting for braces to fix this condition can help you retain your beautiful smile. It will also help you avoid oral cavity as you can clean your teeth better by reaching inaccessible areas.

6. Straighter teeth:

If you have uneven teeth growing, then you should use braces for treating it correctly. It is highly unlikely that everyone will have a natural set of regular size teeth. You can tend to have uneven teeth if you have one crooked tooth, as it ultimately makes all the others line up incorrectly. It tends to change food habits and makes it worse. It may lead to having less confidence in front of others, which is why you should go for braces to fix it.

8 Teeth Problems And Reasons Why You Should Opt For Braces
Straight Your Teeth With Braces

7. Crossbite:

If you notice that your upper set of teeth or lower set of teeth are too wide or narrow, then you should opt for braces. This condition is called as Cross-bite. It may result in causing premature tooth wearing and also functional shifts with your jaw that can involve the risk of having a misaligned jaw growth in future.

8. Impacted Teeth

In this condition, one of your permanent teeth is unable to grow up to its normal position. It may be crossed by crowding, or because of extra teeth; it may also be caused if the tooth which grew has grown in the wrong direction. The most common are lower molars and canines. This condition requires immediate attention and the help of braces because if this is not treated on time, it may lead to the destruction of the permanent tooth adjacent to it and might require surgery to remove it.

These are a few common conditions that are faced by people that need immediate treatment by the use of braces. Improve the appearance of your smile and smile beautifully without being conscious of it anymore. Our treatment will help you achieve healthy and confident smile.

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