Eyes are a very delicate organ, and so they require extra care. Optometry is a profession that is associated with testing and treating eyes. Over the years Optometry has grown from correcting refractive errors to now treating lethal eye diseases.

Here are some few qualities that an Optometrist should persist in order to be the great

An optometrist has to stay in touch with the wide expansion of technology and machinery. Learning should never stop whether it is for children or a well-established Optometrist. As there are a new technology and option arriving for the treatment of severe and incurable diseases, it is crucial in the eye care industry to stay updated with the latest treatments and research in optometry.

9 Qualities To Look For In An Excellent Optometrist
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1. Attentiveness

The eye is an organ which requires higher precedence and accuracy while treating. The optometrist must be attentive to the problems and symptoms of a patient so that get can work effectively. It is crucial to be aware of optometry as the consequences of carelessness can be severe.

2. Awareness

Awareness about the safety and hygiene is as important as that of latest medicos. A good optometrist has this quality of keeping in mind every little thing about the safety of the patients. He must be aware of the side effects and do’s and don’ts pertaining to treatment. The clinic, as well as equipment, should also speak of his awareness against germs and disease-causing bacteria.

3. Understanding With Patients

One of the most appreciated qualities of an Optometrist is his compassion for patients. The bridge of understanding between an optometrist and a patient is the key to better treatment. He must consider the problems and ailments of his patients and treat them accordingly. Therefore, it can be said that good communication and understanding of the disease and patient is a step in order to cure the disease.

4. Ethics

The strong ethics of an Optometrist is the foundation stone of being the best. A doctor never compromises with the health of the patient. The calm and composite nature of the Optometrist is purely in the service of his patients. The values along with the expertise which an Optometrist have is what attracts the patients and not the pomp and show of clinics and facilities.

5. Business Skills

With being an Optometrist, he should also have organizational behavior. Those who run independently have to consider financial as well as management aspects. An organized behavior us what adds to the quality in the profession of Optometry. Good knowledge of the business is essential for the optometrist to grow in the profession as well as in money.

6. Dexterity

The skill of an Optometrist lies in his expert hands. Working with the intricate and small parts of the body is a difficult task. Even the smallest mistake can prove to be life taking. Thus, having a great manual dexterity is another step up to the success of being an Optometrist.  

7. Scientific Approach

The complex organ of the human body, eye requires an Optometrist to keep in mind a number of little details. He must have a scientific approach for the treatment and respond to the slightest of patients symptoms. The quick-working is needed in some cases. That is why an Optometrist should always be ready to work.

8. Good Communication Skills

Communicative skills are required in every profession. But the reason why it has a special significance in Optometry is that, for good treatment, the patients must connect with the doctor. It is possible only when they can comfortably and clearly explain their problem to the Optometrist. If get has this ability to get friendly with the patients, then it is more likely that patients will consider him above anyone.

9. Patience

Rushing into a decision without considering both the sides of a coin is not a quality of an Optometrist. Rather, he spends time for the patient to completely listen, understand and then go for the treatment of the certain ailment. Patience is the major aspect of being a great Optometrist. It decides on the nature and professionalism of an Optometrist. 

Dr. Durocher, a Lebanon Optometrist, says that the profession of Optometry asks for greater knowledge and practical experience of treating the patients. The way a doctor treats their patient reflects how efficient an expert he is in his work.