Most people have at least one or two misconceptions about what you need to do as an adult to keep your teeth healthy. It is important to separate fact from fiction. Sure, it is true that good oral health takes just two minutes per day, but doing the wrong thing can cause irreversible damage.

Myth: If You Brush Your Teeth Harder, You Will Get Cleaner Teeth.

As any Woodbridge Dentist will tell you, brushing your teeth too aggressively or using a brush with firm bristles do not get your teeth any cleaner. In fact, it erodes the hard enamel that is supposed to protect your teeth from cavities or decay. So, you might think that brushing harder will clean your teeth better, but really you are probably making things worse.

It is for this reason that people who have stains on their teeth brush harder; they think they are removing the ever-yellowing stains but in fact, brushing harder is what causes the stains. You are better off with a rounded, soft-bristled brush.

Debunking Dental Myths
How To Floss Your Teeth

Myth: You Do Not Need To Floss.

When you brush your teeth, even if you do it with the proper brush, technique, and regularity, you are still only going to reach about 60% of your tooth surface. In between the teeth is left full of bacteria and acid. This is where floss comes into play. When you floss regularly, it will help remove buildup that you just cannot reach otherwise. So do not discount it. Add it to your routine.

Myth: If You Floss And It Causes Your Gums To Bleed, You Should Stop.

The reason that your gums bleed is that of inflammation. Plaque and bacteria often get stuck in between your teeth where your toothbrush does not reach. It builds up and causes inflammation. Then, when you start flossing, it results in blood. This is not a sign that you have hurt yourself and need to stop. In reality, it is a sign that there is something in between your teeth and you need to continue flossing.

Myth: If You Chew Sugar-Free Gum, You Do Not Have To Brush Your Teeth.

This is simply not true. Many people read studies that show chewing sugar-free gum in between brushing can help remove plaque by increasing saliva production. This is true. However, it is certainly not a replacement for brushing your teeth. It will help wash away acids from your food and drink that erode your enamel. If you have acid reflux, it can also wash away stomach acid. But again, be sure to brush your teeth regularly.

Myth: Sugar Is The Biggest Cause Of Cavities.

You probably associate cavities with sugar. Chips and crackers, any foods full of starch or carbohydrates, all break down as sugar. They stick to your teeth too. So, even if you avoid sugar but eat a lot of pasta or potatoes, you could end up with a mouth full of cavities if you don’t brush and floss regularly.

Myth: If Your Teeth Is Sensitive, You Have Worn Off Too Much Of Your Enamel.

Sensitivity is an indicator of enamel loss. However, using whitening toothpaste regularly can also cause sensitivity. The hydrogen peroxide in whitening kinds of toothpaste will penetrate your teeth to remove stains. But at the same time, it penetrates through the enamel and reaches the layer of dentin below. This is actually a much more sensitive part of your tooth. The good news here is that you can just switch your toothpaste to a gentle toothpaste and you will start to feel improvement.

Myth: White Teeth Are Healthy Teeth.

Our teeth are naturally white, but things can yellow your teeth like smoking. Medications can also yellow your teeth, as can aging.

Myth: If You Feel Fine, You Don’t Need To Visit A Woodbridge Dentist.

This is a huge misconception among adults. Just because you don’t feel any pain or discomfort does not mean you are free from cavities or gum disease. These typically don’t cause pain at first. Once you feel the tooth pain, the issue has actually worsened and you might end up needing a tooth extraction or root canal. So it is always best to visit the dentist twice per year.

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