Do not worry for a suddenly erupting dental issue; Sun Valley Dentist is within an easy access for the entire Wood River Valley

In spite of occupying a small terrain in the USA, with a population of an average of three thousand, the land of Ketchum and Sun Valley are one of the well-known tourist spots in American. Though being a small land, located in Wood River Valley, Idaho, the people here are not deprived in any way from the access to the most updated dental technologies, completely fulfilling the dental health needs of today.

Some of the prominent dental services at Sun Valley Smile Designs that provide ultimate assistance are:


Beautiful Smile
Beautiful Smile


  1. Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. John Calvert, a renowned Sun Valley Dentist, is a master of the cosmetic modification of the dental aesthetics. This specialized field of dentistry has achieved new hypes in today’s era. It is the dire need of today’s world, either it be for the purpose of corrections of the dental defects that are congenital or encountered after an accident, or for meeting the competitive needs of today’s professional world. Cosmetic dentistry is a versatile field in itself. It is not just restricted to bestow you a picture-perfect white smile. The percentage of tooth whitening that a Sun Valley Dentist will deliver with the procedures of cosmetic dentistry depends on your desire and decision made after cooperation with your dentist.

  1. TMJ disorders’ treatment approaches

Dr.John Calvert and his team also provide Temporomandibular joint disorder corrections. There are multiple therapeutic approaches for the relief of TMJ pains, but if that is not helpful, then the oral splints may be applied. Physical therapies like assisted exercises of this joint are performed with cold or heating techniques, and a patient is provided psychological support with the help of constant counseling. Surgical correction is always the last resort. Arthrocentesis and steroid injections are also much helpful attempted techniques for TMJ treatment.

  1. Porcelain Veneers

These are thin tooth-covering shells that are custom made to resemble the teeth shade of the user. They are designed with the aim of cosmetic correction of misaligned teeth, or for achieving the desired shape, color, and size of every mouth’s particular tooth set. They are fabricated in either porcelain or resin material. Porcelain is more preferred due to lesser chances of staining for more years ahead.

  1. Dentures

Why would one opt for a set of dentures today when fixed implants have been invented? Each of it has its own worth. We all know the significance of teeth for a human mouth. Teeth are the opening key to the door of food digestion, without which, a human body cannot attain its nutrition and survive.

Application of dentures is often needed after an accident in which you have lost all your teeth, or in cases where it has been long since when you lost some teeth and didn’t go for an implant, making your adjacent gum area incapable to hold the tooth implant firmly now. Dentures are often the choice of old age people to look better, communicate easily, and to attain all the nutritional blessings that every one of us desires for. Dentures are made of acrylic plastic, metal, or nylon.

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