Regardless of everything you have heard, discussed or even read online the nature of effects of Root Canal system not as painful as you might think. In Fact, the purpose of this treatment is to save your severely infected natural tooth. As there is no comparison to natural teeth, preserving the original is always better than extracting it or replacing it.The good thing is, New techniques and modern technology have transformed this procedure into a totally comfortable dental treatment. Most commonly, all it takes is just one to maximum two visits, and you are all set with your teeth and their health.

Facts you should know about the Root Canal Retreatment
Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Retreatment (also referred to as Endodontic Retreatment) is a procedure that is carried out on the tooth that had previously undergone a root canal.

Reasons for Root Canal Retreatment

Failure of the root canal treatment leads to numerous problems and can be a result of one of the following:

  • Failure to treat the narrow and curved canals properly
  • Not placing the crown on the tooth immediately after the root canal
  • Failure  of the treatment to restore the tooth properly causing the saliva to enter the booth which further causes infections
  • An improperly shaped canal

The procedure of Root Canal Retreatment

The steps involved in the procedure are as follows:

  • The dentist/endodontist reopens the tooth to remove the root canal filling.
  • Following that, he/she will clean the canals to get a clear view of the untreated canals.
  • The dentist will then seal the canals with temporary filling in the tooth.
  • After the completion of the procedure, the dentist places the new crown on the tooth and restores it.

Fears and/or Myths associated with Root Canal System:

There are many myths associated with Root Canal system, such as if patients experience root canal pain or not.

Facts you should know about the Root Canal Retreatment
Root Canal Surgery
  • Root Canal Treatment is painful:

It is a common misconception that Root Canal treatment causes pain, but the truth is, it does not cause pain, in fact, it relieves it. Some recent surveys showed that all those patients who have gone through the procedure of root canal treatment are six times more likely to describe it as a painless treatment.

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  • Root canal Treatment causes illness:

Another very common misconception is that people think that Root Canal Treatment adds to the occurrence of illness to the teeth. However, the truth is it prevents further decay and helps eliminate the infection from the tooth/teeth. Another recent research proves that Patients with timely and multiple endodontic treatments are very much less likely to develop Cancer.

  • Phobia of the Dentist:

Some people have a genuine issue called Phobia of the dentist. This makes the situation really critical. As the fear of Dentist and tools obscure the truth of the situation. You know this level of fears makes the situation worst off. The thing is, one needs help he/she needs to get involved in a non-invasive consultation with the dentist, which might not trigger the fears or feeling of anxiety and help patient knowing the facts of the treatment. Also, one should never be afraid to express his/her apprehensions to the dental specialist, because they can’t help you properly if they don’t know about you. The patient with the dental phobia can get help by making it clear that he/she can ask questions about all the thing they need to know about.

Alternative to endodontic retreatment

Extraction of tooth:

The only alternative to this treatment is the extraction of the tooth which is really painful and hurting. This is considered as the last option when everything else fails. The extracted tooth needs to be replaced with an implant or denture which will prevent the nearby or adjacent teeth from changing positions. However, tooth extraction is not only expensive but time-consuming too.

Although nothing is comparable to natural teeth, still a treatment becomes crucial if a problem arises.

Dr. Fay Mansouri, an endodontist at Orange County Root Canal recommends that one should visit the dentist as soon as pain strikes post-treatment as a delay will worsen the problem. Because the sooner you act the better it is.

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