What Is Oral Cancer Screening?

Oral Cancer Screening is a process involving the detection of cancerous cells if any in the mouth. Oral Cancer may be detected at any site of the mouth starting from the lips, the walls of the cheeks, the roof of the buccal cavity, the floor underlying the tongue and most commonly at the two sides of the tongue. It is not limited to the chain smokers and weed takers.

Oral Cancer Screening – A thorough Guide To The Service
Oral Cancer

Screening or detection is generally conducted by the dentists, and a thorough examination should be carried out if a malignant or premalignant lesion or inflammation in the mouth has developed. Stem Cell transformation in a person exposes him to a possibility of Oral Cancer. Poor oral health hygiene, poor diet complementing toxin accumulations, poor fit dental implant promote Oral Cancer. Any kind of Cancer is ominous, and life comes at a stake. Lafayette dentist recommends Oral Cancer Screening as a convincing means to detect an onset of such a curse.

Procedures Involved In Oral Cancer Screening

Below discussed are the procedures involved in the service of Oral Cancer Screening. A person to be diagnosed for Oral Cancer may expect the following steps in the ongoing process of the screening. All the steps take place while the dentist flashes a light into the mouth.

  • The procedure starts from the lip. Patches on the lips whether white, black or red are examined for.
  • Next comes the tongue. The patient is instructed to extend his tongue outside to let the dentist observe for uneven tongue texture or inflammation if any. Chain smokers and tobacco intakers have a higher chance of getting inflicted with Cancer in the tongue.
  • Recognizing any lump formation, red or white stains on the inside walls of the cheek and the jaws.
  • Touching the roof of the buccal cavity to examine for any abnormality like softening of the tissues.
  • The dentist next moves towards the neck to identify any a tumor or lump.
  • Lastly, an observation for any unnatural change in the tonsil is carried out with care.

Advantages Of Oral Cancer Screening

The service of Oral Cancer Screening provides the following advantages:

  • Oral Cancer Screening is cheap. The process does not involve any sort of expensive equipment or machines to be used during the procedure. However, some specialized clinics may have availability of modern technological equipment.
  • Oral Cancer Screening is painless. An expert dentist would be able to examine for Oral Cancer without hurting the patient.
  • Oral Cancer Screening can rescue us from an early death. We are aware of how Cancer is an unmerciful disease. Oral Cancer is as cruel and can kill us if not detected earlier.

Disadvantages Of Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening is a hassle-free procedure in itself, comes with almost no disadvantages and is necessary to be executed on each person on visits to their dentist. Nonetheless, it is said that oral screening cannot determine all the supposed precancerous cells.

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Risk Factor Involved In Oral Cancer Screening

Any form of an additional risk factor for a Cancer patient is totally unwelcome. It would be in fact, traumatic if an Oral Cancer Screening encourages the precancerous cells to proliferate even more. Such a risk is possible if the test is being performed by an inexpert dentist or surgeon, as while in the process he/she may not handle the procedure with enough expertise resulting in pricking and encouraging any lump or lesion.

An Oral Cancer Screening is nothing to be feared of. It is a simple process and does not take much of our time, assures and cautions us against any impending danger. The duty of the dentist is not only to carry out screening for the patient but also impart knowledge regarding oral hygiene and when to worry about an irregular symptom in the mouth. Dr. Thomas Sammons and Dr. Anne Laurent, well-known dentists in Lafayette, City in Louisiana, have been successfully creating an amiable atmosphere full of pleasant aroma and world-class Oral Cancer Screening services for their patients.