What is sleep study? How does it help?

The sleep study is a kind of test that observes the activities and functions of our body while we sleep. These tests are helpful in detecting sleep disorders that hinder physical, social, mental and emotional well being of a person.

Sleep tests help in the assessment of sleep interruptions. According to doctor Atif Sohail, who operates an Arlington Sleep Apnea Clinic, sleep interruptions and oxygen drop caused by sleep disorders can increase the risk of severe conditions like stroke, heart disease and may even lead to heart attacks and sudden deaths.

Sleep Study And The Different Types Of Sleep Disorders

What are the different types of sleep disorder?

There are many types of sleep disorders. The most common sleep disorders are:

  • Delayed sleep phase disorder: People suffering from this kind of disorder have difficulty in sleeping and waking up at the right time. These people do not have problems in maintaining their sleep correctly.
  • Advanced sleep phase disorder: In this condition, the patient feels very sleepy and sleeps early in the evening. Also, the patient wakes up as early as 3 am.
  • Irregular sleep-wake rhythms: People with this disorder are unable to sleep for long hours at night, like normal people. Instead, they take many naps throughout the day.
  • Hypopnea Syndrome: People who are suffering from this condition respire at a slow rate. Shallow breathing is noticed while they sleep.
  • Bruxism: These kinds of people have the habit of grinding their teeth while sleeping.
  • Idiopathic hypersomnia: People suffering from this disorder tend to sleep excessively.
  • Insomnia: People suffering from this condition have difficulty in falling asleep, and they also have difficulty in maintaining their sleep. There are no apparent causes of this problem. Many times insomnia is a side effect of other medical conditions.
  • Narcolepsy: This condition compels the patient to sleep at inappropriate times, instantly, without their will. About 70% narcoleptic patient also suffers from cataplexy; this leads people to collapse on the floor due to sudden weakness in their muscles while they are conscious.
  • Nocturia: Patients wake up several times at night to urinate.
  • Bruxism: Some people clench their teeth or grind their teeth involuntarily in sleep.
  • Catathrenia: People with this condition groan in their sleep.

Sleep Study And The Different Types Of Sleep Disorders

What is a sleep disorder?

  • Periodic limb movements: People with this condition keep moving their legs and hand in sleep.
  • Restless leg syndrome: This condition is very similar to Periodic limb syndrome. People with this condition keep moving their legs restlessly.
  • Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep behavior disorder: People with this condition act out every violent while dreaming, and they may injure themselves and people sleeping with them. They may also have rapid eye movements during sleep.
  • Sleep Apnea or Obstructive sleep disorder: People with sleep apnea experience obstructed breathing while they sleep. They also tend to snore. They lack deep sleep because their airways restrict air to reach their lungs, making them gasp for breath. People suffering from sleep apnea have disturbed sleep and may experience pausing for breath for ten seconds at least thirty times in one night.
  • Somnambulism: This condition is also known as sleepwalking. People with these conditions perform activities which are done in wakefulness while they are asleep. Usually, the patients may do simple things like walking to the bathroom or walking with their eyes open. But in some cases, it has been reported that the patients have done complex and dangerous activities like driving, cooking and have even committed murders while they were asleep. This kind of activities happens when the person is in slow wave sleep stage. They can hardly recall anything in the morning. They forget most of the activities done in the night.
  • Sleep Paralysis: Sleep paralysis occurs when an individual is about to fall asleep or has just woken up. During sleep paralysis, the person is aware but is unable to move or get up. They might hallucinate and see or hear things which are not present. It is a terrifying experience for many people. It is a common problem and is not regarded as a disorder unless it is very severe. Many times it happens due to lack of sleep or stress.

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Nowadays doctors as well as patients take sleep disorders very seriously and seek treatments for it because a good night sleep is a necessity for good health and overall wellness.


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