What Are Dental Emergencies?

A dental emergency is known to be a broad term that is used to describe an issue involving the teeth, gums and related tissues. Dental emergency does not always involve pain but is known to be a common factor that should be looked after.

Dental emergencies are caused due to various ways in kids. There is no single cause for the dental emergency of a child.

What Are The Causes Of Dental Emergencies Regarding Kids?
Dental Emergencies

Causes Of Dental Emergencies

Children of all ages have dental emergencies due to various types of reasons. Many of these are relatively simpler but turn out to do more damage to the mouth. Here are the multiple causes of dental emergencies:

1. Brushing Of Teeth In A Rush

Children are always in a hurry. So they do not brush their teeth properly; This causes the food that they have consumed to stick between their teeth. It leads the bacteria in the mouth to harm the teeth. Hence, it becomes a dental problem as giving toothaches and cavities.

2. Not Flossing

Children do not floss; This causes food to remain stuck and leads to the development of harmful bacteria. Flossing means to clean between the teeth with dental floss. As it is known, the bacteria make the food acidic, leaving holes in the teeth and creating cavities; This leads to toothaches – a dental emergency.

3. Knocking Up The Tooth

As mentioned above, children are in a hurry because they want to play all the time. Sometimes a child falls or hits something on his mouth knocking out the tooth before time. A milk tooth falls out when it is time via the loosening of the gum that is holding the tooth. Whereas, if the tooth is knocked up before it is time and the gum is tight, this leads to bleeding from that gum.

4. Fracture Of A Tooth

It is also because of hitting something in the mouth but not too hard; This leaves a crack or a fracture of the tooth.

5. Overeating Sweet

Children love to eat sweets such as chocolates and candies. These sweets stick on the teeth, making the bacteria turn the food particles to become acidic, leaving cavities inside the mouth.

What Are The Remedies For These Dental Emergencies?

1. For Toothaches

Rinse your mouth with warm water, after doing that, the use dental floss to remove the logged food inside the mouth is highly beneficial. If the mouth is swollen then applying a cold compress will ease up the swelling. Then seek medical attention from a dentist.

2. Fractured Teeth

If there is a fractured or cracked tooth, then save the pieces that have fallen. Rinse your mouth with warm water and also rinse the saved pieces. Applying gauze to the bleeding area for 10 minutes, if any, will stop the bleeding.

What Are The Causes Of Dental Emergencies Regarding Kids?
Fractured Teeth

After the bleeding is stopped, apply a cold compress to prevent the swelling and pain. Seek medical attention from a dentist.

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3. Knocked-Out Tooth

If the tooth is knocked out then don’t throw the tooth but hold it by its crown. Rinse the tooth with water if dirty. While doing so do not scrub any remaining tissue of the tooth. If it is possible, then put the tooth back in the place from where it fell. While doing so, orient it in the right manner. It is necessary not to force the tooth in its socket. If the tooth can’t be put back in its place, then put it in a container of milk. Take the person and the tooth to the dentist as quickly as possible.

Dr. Kimberli Leal, a New York kids dentist, suggests taking the remedies as fast as possible before seeking medical attention. It eases up the treatment procedures. If there are these dental emergencies, then the primary and necessary thing to remember is that to stay calm.

It is essential to protect your teeth by brushing teeth daily and adequately. It is also important to floss the teeth after brushing your teeth. If the people want to keep good care of their teeth, it starts from their childhood. So keeping your mouth healthy is coming important since the childhood years of every person. Hence the parents tell their kids to protect their teeth at their early ages.

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