No, this isn’t a show but guess what? You might not be able to watch one either if you do not take care of your eyes! Whether you’re 15 or 50, your eyes need regular care as they are one of the most important organs of your system and continuously at work blinking 28000 times a day on an average.

As we age, our vision gets worse as even our eye muscles age, and it gradually causes eye illnesses. Sometimes, eye diseases and conditions are hereditary due to Gene transfer, and not much can be done to prevent it, yet maintaining eye hygiene is a must for everybody.   

13 Reasons Which Indicate That You Need An Eye Check-up
Eye Examination

Below are the 13 situations when it’s best to go to a doctor immediately to prevent worsening of your situation:

1. You Have Regular Headaches

Headaches can be caused due to eye conditions like Astigmatism, long sightedness or hyperopia or presbyopia where the eye lenses harden over time. They may also be caused by developing diseases like cataracts and glaucoma that gradually destroy the optic nerve.

2. You Want To Qualify For An Upcoming Sports Vision Test

A poor vision can hinder your efficiency while performing drastically, especially in heavily competitive sports events. Getting certified by an Optometrist is a must then.  

3. Detect Any Growing Diseases On Time

Most eye illnesses like Glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy have almost nil symptoms in their first few stages. Routine checkups, especially with age, can prevent any health conditions from emerging.

4. Need For Glasses

Blurry sight, loss of focus and floating may be signs of an increase in eye power and eye-straining, or you might need new lenses. Sudden decrease in night vision is also a dead giveaway. Furthermore, changes in prescription and new lenses can demand a checkup.

5. Bulging Eyes

Bulging dry eyes is a reaction to Graves’ illness leading to overworking of the thyroid gland, and it is treated by radiation oncologists by radioactive iodine therapy. Your doctor will recommend surgery or medication depending on the stage you’re in.

13 Reasons Which Indicate That You Need An Eye Check-up
Bulging Eyes

6. Your Eyes Are Noticeably Red For A Long Time

Red eyes along with eye pain and dryness may be signs of autoimmune conditions like lupus rheumatoid arthritis, or MS. These are very dangerous, and eye problems can detect them in early stages.

7. Drooping Of Your Eyelids

Myasthenia gravis is a neuromuscular disorder that aids weakness in skeletal muscles that produces this symptom, causing fatigue and difficulty in eating, swallowing and neck pain at times.

8. White-Gray-Blue Rings On The Iris Periphery

Arcus senilis occurs mostly in old people, usually due to aging but due to diabetes in people under 35. It also occurs on the cornea in most cases and can be easily spotted. Get your blood sugar checked immediately in this case.

9. You Have A Lot Of Floaters

A sudden increase in floaters is due to diabetes causing blockages in the eye vessels, making them bleed. It also could be a sign of a detached retina. Both can cause blindness eventually.

10. You Recently Had An Accident Causing Head Trauma

If this is causing unbearable head pains and eye aches, run to your doctor right away! Trauma can cause Hemorrhages and nerve constriction at places that can cause some mental and eye conditions lasting for a long time.

11. Eye Infection Causing Discharge

Insect bites or dust in your eye can cause eye swelling and itching accompanied with redness and some fluid discharge. Antibiotics prescribed by your doctor are generally used to cure them.

12. Continuous Eye Pain

A scratched cornea or even eye cancer can cause the long duration of eye Pain. So if you are feeling a constant eye pain with headaches, consult your doctor soon.

13. Frequent Squinting And Light Sensitivity

Squinting decreases the light entering the cornea reducing light scattering, and thus, helping vision. Paired with sudden light sensitivity, you have to see a doctor immediately as you might need glasses.

Thus, take good care of your eye regularly and maintain overall body hygiene to stay on the top of your game and be very careful towards eye injuries and catching contact diseases from others. Wearing sunglasses is necessary to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. Dr. Durocher, a Nashville Eye Doctor, recommends us to go for timely checkups and treatments to protect our eyes from damages.