What Is Teeth Whitening?

It is the process of restoring and whitening your teeth to eliminate the stains and discoloration that has occurred due to bad eating habits, age, smoking, etc.

How Is It Different From Teeth Bleaching?

Well, bleaching is the whitening of the teeth beyond its natural color. Teeth whitening can have several benefits towards our body and persona because it gives us a boost in confidence. Intrigued yet? Find out more below!

10 Reasons Why Teeth Whitening Is The Way To Go For You
Teeth Whitening

10 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Teeth Whitening

1. Improve Your Self Confidence

A bright smile can boost your self-esteem like nothing else. A smile is the demo insight into your persona, but stained and yellow teeth can hinder you from showing yourself to the world around. Also, a right amount of self-esteem can do you wonders during your job interview as only confident candidates can do the job and be valued by their co-workers.

2. Always Be Prepared For A Photo

Be photo ready for functions and events to flash your billion dollar smile so everyone around you can remember how fantastic you looked. A great smile can crack even the most hardened people!

3. Teeth Whitening Has Age-Defying Results

Professional teeth whitening can bring back the luster and shine that teeth lose over time due to our dietary choices like coffee, tea, and chocolate. Smoking has even worse effects and can cause tough brown stains on your teeth, leaving it open to oral diseases like plaque, bad breath and can cause immense bacteria build-up. Aging also results in the wear down of your tooth enamel revealing the brown dentin below. But fear not, tooth whitening can fix this by removing even the toughest of stains with ease so you can have a pearly white set of teeth to show!

4. Beauty Comes With A Beautiful Smile

Research has shown that people with whiter teeth are deemed to be more attractive than those with yellowish teeth. Why?  It is a mirror of your hygiene that is directly proportional to your likability for apparent reasons! Your cleanliness matters a lot when it comes to getting that job you’ve always been wanting or that date you’ve ever been hoping to get asked for.

5. Gum Protection

Peroxide can damage your sensitive and soft gums causing them to redden, leading to irritation. Also, the single sized kits that fit everyone can damage and erode the teeth as well as the gums when placed improperly. A dentist will customize the entire process according to your fittings to give you the perfect set of teeth.

6. Your First Impression Is Your Last One

A healthy smile shows a healthy heart. Job interviews, dates or your first day as a teacher, a new smile screams self-confidence that will not only get you hired but also gain you the respect of those employing you. You can increase the confidence of those around you if only you’re confident about yourself.

7. Special Events

Flatter people with your dazzling looks with your new set of teeth whether it’s your birthday, or a college meetup or a promotion. You will be remembered for years through the pictures at those functions because of your glamour and charisma!

8. Tooth Sensitivity Is A Lot Less

Even if you follow every instruction right, DIY kits if left on for longer than prescribed can cause terrible sensitivity and over bleaching. Dentists use desensitizers and thicker gels to prevent this and take professional care so that you get top-notch results for your money with no lingering pain post-treatment.

10 Reasons Why Teeth Whitening Is The Way To Go For You
Tooth Sensitivity

9. Reliable Results Can Only Be Expected From A Dentist

Unless you want your teeth to look like a patched cow’s skin, only then you should go for a do-at-home kit! They will produce uneven results at your teeth is stained differently at different areas especially if you are a smoker. Professionals like Dr. Roman Fedorciw will proceed in a manner that will leave your teeth looking perfect from all angles.

10. Instant Gratification

Only a professional dentist can clean your teeth correctly before proceeding with the gels for long-lasting results. Also, they’re more reliable with fewer chances of adverse side effects resulting in stronger whitening. DIY kits have low peroxide content leading to a longer hold time with the tray in your mouth and short time results.

According to a famous Berlin Dentist, Dr. Roman Fedorciw, teeth whitening can prove to be a positive life-altering event for you. Therefore you should definitely go for it if you are not satisfied with the current condition of your teeth.