Oral hygiene is something that a lot of people take for granted thinking that the mouth and the teeth are not that important to the body. That mentality will surely get you entangled with these five oral diseases or conditions:

Things You Can Get from Bad Oral Hygiene

1- Bad Breath

Bad breath is one of the most common dental problems that you can get if you do not maintain your oral hygiene well. Bad breath is medically known as Halitosis and is classified as recurring bad breath. Having bad breath is usual when waking up but having the stingy smell persist throughout the day even though you have brushed your teeth several times already then you may be looking at the clinical case of Halitosis. Without good oral hygiene, bacteria may accumulate in your mouth and even cause tooth decay.

 2- Tooth Decay

Speaking of tooth decay, did you know that this condition is actually the second most common disease in the United States, only behind common colds? Tooth decay happens when plaque build-up combines with the sugars you eat and produces the acids that could severely damage your tooth.

Tooth decay is commonly associated with kids since the condition itself is linked to excessive amounts of sugar. However, tooth decay is not just a problem for the young ones as you can get cavities at any age – particularly if you do not have good oral hygiene. According to Dr. Carlos Gonzalez, a Hialeah Dentist, regular dental check-ups must be done no matter how old you are and even though you are not experiencing any symptoms of tooth decay.

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3- Mouth Sores

Perhaps the most annoying condition in this list, mouth sores are pesky wounds or blisters located inside your mouth and usually in your lips too. Although this condition would usually heal on its own without you doing much, mouth sores can last up to 2 weeks and would cause you all loads of pain in the area when you hit it with something.

The most common kind of mouth sore is called canker sores or aphthous ulcers. These are mouth sore found inside the mouth and lips caused by different factors from bites to fungal infection. Maintaining religious oral habits can prevent these things from happening. If you are suffering from this, oral hygiene should still be of your utmost concern to avoid further infection and prolonged agony.

Other cases of mouth sores are cold sores caused by Herpes or oral thrush due to yeast infection in infants, diabetics, cancer patients, and people who wear dentures.

4- Weak and Sensitive Tooth

Are you unable to eat your favorite ice cream without experiencing pain? Did a simple bump cause your teeth to chip off? If so, then you may be suffering from sensitive and weak teeth.

Things You Can Get from Bad Oral Hygiene
Woman with tooth sensitivity in office

Tooth sensitivity is defined as the dental disease affecting your teeth that causes you to experiencing pain when eating sweets or cold delicacies such as ice cream. In some extreme cases, people even experience pain from brushing. Without good oral hygiene, your teeth’s protective layers may deteriorate causing your teeth to be vulnerable from the stress being put by cold or sweet foods.

On the other hand, weak teeth are usually associated with old people but without good oral hygiene habits, even adults can suffer from this. Weak teeth are caused by the lack of calcium and can which can be traced to what you eat or how you treat your teeth. Most of the toothpaste available in the market today were made to introduce more calcium directly to your teeth so be sure to use those if you do not want an emergency trip to the doctor.

5- Oral Cancer

Dwelling on the more deadly and serious disease that affects people with bad oral hygiene, oral cancer kills one person every hour in the United States. Oral cancer, aside from being induced by smoking and using alcohol, can also be caused by bad oral hygiene. Without proper oral hygiene, the overall wellness of your mouth can suffer, making it vulnerable to diseases like this.

Oral Cancer is often curable if treated in its early stages. The disease is usually seen in people aged 40 and above but it’s never too early to create good oral hygiene habits.

These five mouth diseases can be very uncomfortable and, at times, deadly. However, with simple habits of brushing every after the meal, having a floss accessible to you every time, and going to the dentist regularly, you can save yourself from these inconveniences.

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