Every person has two sets of teeth. The first is the primary, also known as baby teeth. The second is the permanent, also known as adult teeth. Your adult teeth develop in stages. While the timing is different, the development of both baby teeth and adult teeth is similar.

The role your teeth play
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For example, your teeth will generally erupt in a symmetrical fashion, meaning that your top molar on the left side will grow in at the same time as the top molar on your right side. Your tooth development will actually start long before you see the two breaking through the gums. For example, you might see your baby’s first tooth at six months old, but those teeth were developed during the second trimester of pregnancy. The crown of your teeth is the first part to form. The roots actually continue to develop long after your tooth is broken through the surface of the gums.

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You have 20 primary teeth which remain in place until about the age of six. Between the ages of 6 and 12 years, your primary, or baby, teeth will start to fall out so that the permanent teeth have room to grow. Most adults have 32 adult teeth.

Different parts of the tooth

Your tooth can be cut up into two components. The first is the crown, the part which is visible when you look in the mirror. This is the white part of your tooth. The second is the root which you don’t see. The root actually extends far below your gums, and it anchors your tooth into your job.

The different types of teeth

You have different types of teeth in your mouth, and they each perform a different task.

  1. Incisors

These teeth are the eight teeth you see in the center of your mouth when you look in the mirror, four on the top and four on the bottom. When you take bites of your food, you typically use these teeth. These are often the first teeth to break through the surface of the gums not only for babies but for adults.

  1. Canines

Next to these are your canines. The four canines are commonly referred to as your fangs. These are your sharpest teeth. They are used to tear your food apart. The top teeth will typically come in before the bottom teeth. But this is only for babies. For adults it actually happens in reverse order; the bottom teeth come in before the top teeth.

  1. Premolars

Premolars or bicuspids are used to chew and grind your food. You will have four on each side of your mouth, to on top on either side and two on the bottom on either side. Babies do not get these teeth. Typically the first set will arrive and the second set will arrive about one year later.

The role your teeth play
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  1. Molars

Molars are used to chew up and grind your food as well. You can find them further back in your job. Your wisdom teeth are also a set of molars but, most adults have them removed simply because there is not enough space in the mouth. Now, it is important to understand that when your Aurora Dentist tells you that you don’t have enough room in your mouth, this does not necessarily mean that there is physically inadequate space in your mouth. For a lot of adults the wisdom teeth can grow in just fine, and removing them does not allow your adult teeth to straighten out. The teeth don’t simply move to accommodate the extra space. The real reason that it is recommended you remove your wisdom teeth is that most of the time the teeth are so far back in your mouth that you cannot fit a toothbrush back there to adequately remove plaque. As such most adults who have their wisdom teeth end up with higher numbers of cavities and other dental conditions because they are simply unable to clean all the way back and around their wisdom teeth.

Remember that your mouth is important and every tooth plays an important role. Make sure you take care of your teeth. Brush your teeth the right way, for the right amount of time, and with the right toothbrush. Floss your teeth regularly to remove plaque and build up in between the teeth. Don’t smoke and consume a healthy diet. Make sure you always visit your Aurora Dentist regularly for cleanings and checkups.

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