What Is Bad Breath?

Bad breath is also known as halitosis where the mouth is affected by bacteria causing taste issues and foul smell in the mouth. Poor oral hygiene typically causes the problem, bad eating habits such as chewing tobacco; drinking alcohol, smoking, etc. result in bad breath. It is also said that the foul odor of the mouth can be genetically acquired. Following are the various reasons given by dental experts regarding the bad breath and even the treatments related to it.

Bad Breath, What Are Its Causes, Treatments, And Prevention?
Bad Breath Or Halitosis

Causes Of Bad Breath

The following are the variety of reasons which give rise to bad breath:

1. Mouth Infections

Bad breath can be a result of the aftermath of mouth infections. Infections such as gum disease, mouth sores, tooth decay, etc. can be the actual cause, but elsewhere, it can be due to post dental surgical wounds such as after tooth extraction.

2. Poor Dental Hygiene

Unhealthy or irregular dental practices may be the cause of bad breath. If proper brushing techniques are not followed, the bacteria that stay in the mouth after any food intake can result in plaque. Plaque, when not removed through the means of brushing and rinsing, can cause the debris and harmful bacteria to accumulate resulting in bad mouth odor.

3. Mouth Dryness

Dry mouth is when the saliva levels in the mouth decrease. It is caused when the mouth is left open while sleeping and known as ‘morning breath’ worsens the smell; This is also another prominent cause of mouth dryness. It is advised to sleep with mouth closed and in proper lying posture.

Bad Breath, What Are Its Causes, Treatments, And Prevention?
Dry Mouth Is The Cause Of Bad Breath

4. Intake Of Food

Some food products are acidic and result in bad breath. Foods such as onions, garlic can result in a foul breath because they are broken down in digestion process after entering the bloodstream to the lungs. Although, this can be the reason for some while other causes of a massive intake of junk food which is cooked in spoiled oil can result in bad breath.

5. Addiction To Tobacco

People who are addicted to tobacco products such as chewing nicotine; smoking can be prone to problems of bad breath. Tobacco must be avoided if you want to abolish the problem of bad breath.

6. Other Probable Causes

Some other reasons such as cancers, inflammation of throat, esophagus, and stomach producing acids can result in bad breath outcome. Children can be affected at very young through foreign bodies, intake of junk food, etc.

Treatment Of Bad Breath

The following are some of the procedures and measures to be taken to keep the problem of bad breath at bay:

  • Be proper with brushing, make it a habit to brush every day and twice a day. Regularly floss the teeth to get rid of plaque and other debris. It is advised to brush the tongue also because bacteria also grow on its surface. Brush the tongue gently with a specially designed toothbrush for the tongue.
  • If you are a user of cosmetic dentures such as braces, it is advised to make frequent visits to dentists regularly so that to ensure proper fitting of the braces. Make sure that the Invisalign are routinely cleaned.
  • Dentists always advise to quit smoking and chewing tobacco as its adverse usage results in mouth cancer in the long run. These products contain nicotine which irritates the gums resulting in bad odor.
  • It is important to chew the food very well so that it is broken down into simpler substances and make sure foods does not stick to your teeth, chew it thoroughly and swallow; This not only helps in digestion but the mouth is free from ailments and various odors.
  • Keep the mouth moist and also the throat by drinking water as this does not result in dry mouth. Keep away from alcohol as it dries out mouth due to its properties resulting in bad odor.
  • Chew sugar-free gums and candies to keep the mouth moist. Sucking mint flavored items also helps in keeping dry mouth at bay.
  • Use mouthwash that can help you to keep away from bad odor for temporary time intervals.
  • Ask your dentist about brushing and flossing techniques. Dentists may also prescribe toothpaste special prescribed for bad breath.

Therefore, you should keep in mind the tips mentioned above to ensure good oral health. Dr. Roman Fedorciw, a Rocky Hill Dentist, suggests that to improve your quality of life and to help you smile confidently, it is essential to develop healthy oral habits.