There are various common dental issues. It is not something that a person will always experience the same trouble or the same problems. Since the conditions are different, so are the diseases.

Different people experience different dental emergencies based on the conditions and environment they provide to their teeth.

What Is Pyorrhoea?

Periodontitis, most commonly known as Pyorrhoea, is a severe gum infection that damages gums and can destroy the jawbone.

Over 10 million cases of pyorrhoea are seen in America almost every year.

It is not exempted for any particular age group, be it a child or an adult, very often they all experience this disease.

Pyorrhoea (Periodontitis) Advanced Stage Of Periodontal Disease
Periodontal Disease Or Pyorrhoea


There are various causes for this dental disease. They are:

  1. Hygiene: It gives rise to unwanted bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria thrive upon the leftover food that gets clung to the teeth after eating. Improper hygiene is the only reason for the bacteria to grow. If one would have washed the teeth properly after eating, then there could have no chances for the bacteria to thrive on the teeth.
  2. Bacteria: It is an undeniable fact that the most important cause of any dental problem is the growth of bacteria in some way or the other, the same goes for Pyorrhoea also. The bacteria infect the gum causing them to become swollen and red, which is a stage of the disease itself.
  3. Poor eating habits: Improper diet, eating junk all the way, food rich in sugar, red meat all these contribute a lot in the growth of this disease, as they all provide a proper situation for the bacteria to grow and dwell in the mouth.
  4. Intake of Tobacco, alcohol, etc.: These also give a push to this disease and generally make it worse at later stages.
  5. Ways of brushing: an Inappropriate way of brushing or incorrect brush leads to this disease as it makes the gum very tender and easy to bleed even at a mild touch.
  6. Allergy: Allergy from a particular thing can promote the development of the disease. It degrades the efficiency of the immune system making the mouth vulnerable to the attack of bacteria that later causes harm to the gums.


The condition of Pyorrhoea gets unnoticed in the initial stages as it is a painless condition and the person facing it can’t find any discomforts at first but as the disease progresses, some symptoms become prominent.  They are:

  • Swollen, red gum that feels tender when touched and even with a mild jolt, they start bleeding.
  • Spaces develop between the teeth and gum.
  • Pus between the teeth and gum can also be found. This pus travels into the stomach when a person eats or drinks anything which can cause severe troubles for the whole body in the long run.
Pyorrhoea (Periodontitis) Advanced Stage Of Periodontal Disease
Pus Between The Teeth Is The Sign Of Pyorrhoea
  • Bad breath is also one such symptom, that can give the idea of any such disease in your mouth.
  • After some time loose teeth is also seen in the patients suffering from Pyorrhoea along with a kind of a toothache.
  • It means pyorrhoea is due to lack of attention towards your teeth. If you do not give the primary care, they require you are leading yourself to get the disease.


Every disease has some prevention which can help in getting rid of them. For Pyorrhoea, they are:

  1. Oral hygiene should be implemented to avoid such problems. Initial treatments may start with self-care of tooth polishing using a gritty paste or adequately using the brush to remove the stains on teeth. Some particles get entangled in the teeth, and even after brushing they don’t come out, in such cases it is advisable to use mouthwashes.
  2. Some medicines are also available for applying or using orally to stop the infection like antibiotics, Penicillin antibiotic, etc.
  3. Regular diet, suitable food, and food timing are essential to maintain, to avoid the disease.
  4. The medical procedure includes removal of infected, dead or destroyed cells and tissues from the wounded areas to favor healing.
  5. The important to visit the right dentist at the right time so that he/she can treat the disease on time. As in extreme cases, the infected gums can be removed via surgery and needless to say it requires an experienced dentist.
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It is advised by Dr. Roman Fedorciw, a Middletown Dentist, to always consult a well-informed dentist for such type of sensitive dental issues (like a certified dentist or qualified primary care providers) who can give a friendly and reliable environment to the patients.

The dental offices, which can treat all the people from different backgrounds irrespective of their age, should be opted.