Chiropractic services market is too competitive. You need to position your service apart from your competitors. How does one do this? By adopting new innovative marketing ideas to help you zoom past your competitor in no time and create a positive brand image.

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Marketing Ideas for Chiropractic Marketing

Top 6 marketing Ideas for chiropractic marketing are listed below:

1- Website is Your First Impression

The bulk of potential patients want to check your chiropractic website out before they book an appointment. Chiropractic Websites in this digital age serve as your business front. The site showcases your services, staff, and most important of all it conveys the value you offer your patients.

Consumers use websites as a comparison tool. A person searching for a new chiropractor usually browses through 3-5 websites before determining whom to contact. If one site is confusing or outdated and another is clear and modern, the latter is likely to win over the person.

Imagine your chiropractic website design being a digital waiting room. You need it to be neat, professional and reassuring. You need people to feel they are in the best place and that their issues are going to be resolved.

The make or break moment happens when the prospect is browsing your website much before they have had the chance to walk into your practice.It is your first impression. Either you make it, or you do not.

2- Reviews and Reputation Management

Besides the impression that your website creates, there is an added step most people undertake in their research: checking reviews online.

Online reviews play an undeniable role in marketing and generating business leads. The fact is that consumers trust fellow consumers more than they believe service providers. Thereby it is a must to have some positive patient reviews.

Reputation Management
Online reviews play an undeniable role in marketing

Answer to any negative reviews and reach out to the unsatisfied patient to rectify the situation; most people are flattered that you respect their opinion and are willing to grant you another opportunity. Be sure to share information about your practice including images and videos.

Use the best-ranked reputation management software to synchronize a third-party review website directly to your business site. It provides authentic testimonial content, but with more control to regulate than you get on the third party review platform.

Your listing on Google local receives reviews, and these show up prominently in maps listings. Encourage satisfied patients to write you brief reviews there.

Proactively manage your reputation by recommending happy patients to write reviews. If you do not, in all likelihood you will end up with an adverse review profile because unsatisfied patients are more inclined to review on their own. To show the happy balance that most accurately depicts your work, you will need to take action.

3- Email Marketing and Newsletters

Email continues to be the topmost cost-efficient means to reach new leads. Research shows that for every dollar spent, there is a forty-four dollar return. Also, customized software and template layouts make composing emails and sending them to your clients a breeze.

Most established chiropractic practices already have extensive email lists. Continue to utilize them. Additionally, have a free offering on your site, like a white paper or special promotional offer, that you share in return for an email address. Send out practice updates, helpful information, special offers and discount codes.

Re-purpose your email content into a hardcopy newsletter you post to your mailing list. It is a useful patient retention mechanism that allows existing patients to understand you care.

Remember that new rivals are always hovering, eager to seize your best patients. Utilize email and newsletters to remind your patients you are their chiropractor.

4- Social Media Marketing

It’s also worth it to have profiles for your practice on the leading social media platforms, such as Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

Social Media Marketing
A robust presence on social media is the must.

Social media platforms are another great way to generate awareness with current and potential patients. Social media is more of a brand recognition tool than a sales mechanism.  You have to produce content that suits the platform and contributes to the dialogue. As you communicate with your audience, you lead them naturally towards your conversion goal.

Social media is most often ignored as a marketing tool because chiropractors lack time to keep up with posting and trends. If this is the reason that is keeping you, from building visibility on social media, consider hiring the services of a social media management firm.

5- Remarketing

Remarketing (aka retargeting ads) are efficient, inexpensive, and essential. In short, retargeting is digitally automated sales perseverance. Retargeting ads are displayed to lists of potential patients who previously engaged with your brand. For example, one can upload their client email data on Facebook or Google Adwords and create a marketing campaign designed specifically to reach this audience. For more precise targeting use demographics.

Remarketing for chiropractors
Remarketing ads are inexpensive and essential.

One may also generate lists based on past website visits. This is essential for keeping a point of contact with the online researcher spending their time to hunt for a chiropractor. This researcher will not convert on their maiden visit to your site. However, with retargeting, your banner ad begins to appear as they browse other websites. This method is excellent for creating brand awareness and keeps you on top of the researcher’s mind when they choose to book a chiropractic appointment.

People today are time-poor and distracted. Retargeting is a polite reminder for them to finish what they started. Remarketing has become one of the most effective tools in the digital marketing stockpile.

6- Hire an All-in-One Marketing Agency

Usually, chiropractors hire piece-meal services to execute their marketing plan.

The only problem with piece-meal service providers is they are not a team. They are five different marketing service providers with no strategy on how to work in sync. This means you have no plan and no collaboration for getting these experts and amateurs to work together.

This way of marketing, though popular with small businesses on a budget, is flawed.  To succeed, you need a complete strategy that operates through all your methods and execution. You need your advertising content to match your chiropractic website design so that the brand image is consistent. Each thing feeds into the same conversion goals.

Thankfully there exist all-in-one marketing software and service solution firms to resolve this very problem. One marketing executive manages all aspects of your marketing and design needs. Every task is planned and executed under one roof.

The convenience is time efficient. However, the chief advantage is that they unite your marketing strategy to ensure there is consistency in all areas of your work. Each section supports the other, tremendously improving the overall outcome.


Chiropractic professionals need to understand the value of marketing and put an effective marketing strategy in place. It not only boosts bottom line but also builds your brand image and establishes you as a trusted authority figure in your niche.