Do not worry about treatment expenses, the Aurora Dentist will enable you to accommodate your procedure cost within your budget

The Aurora Dentist truly acknowledges the fact that yearly thousands of people around the globe are deprived of the needed dental care due to the hefty costs of the oral treatment procedures. The question that arises is what leads to the need of expensive advanced procedures, this again is related with unawareness and low budget that leads to a not-so-good quality of lifestyle. People cannot afford much to make regular dental consultation visits, nor are they able to spend much on good toothbrushes, flossing devices, and on preventive dental procedures like scaling, sealants, aligners, cosmetic corrections and superficial cavity filling. Therefore, negligence later leads to a higher burden of expenses.

The Aurora Dentist is there to serve you in all ways; be it preventive home dental care counseling or the expensive cost management of advanced dental procedures, which are your utter need. The Fox Valley Dental Unit supports the people against the long-standing conditions of the dental insurance companies that are very less supportive in covering the dental expenses. They often discourage the insurance claimers from going for expensive procedures, neglecting the fact that how much a person actually needs that procedure. However, if people insist them to cover their dental bills with their insurance, these companies try that the claimer bears more than half the cost of the procedure.

Beautiful Girl Smile
Beautiful Smile

Therefore, the Fox Valley dentistry has other plans to assist its patients lessen their costs of treatments and enable them to successfully get the treatment they deserve; let’s see how:

  1. They have joined hands with multiple PPOs to get substantial discounts for their customers.
  2. They allow payments via several major credit cards and enable their customers to design their payment schedules via this mode of payment.
  3. They have also appointed two third parties to assist their clients to easily pay their treatment costs.
  4. Other promotional discounts offered by the Aurora Fox Valley dentistry are:
  • Annually they offer mothers and father’s day fifty percent discount from first May to June 30 on a purchase of home-based teeth whitening trays.
  • They also offer a half price on these whitening trays as a Christmas Special promotion from November 15th to December 31st each year.
  • Valentines is a special occasion as well and people go for teeth maintenance as well for this occasion as a gesture of doing something special for their loved ones. Therefore, Fox Valley dentistry offers special discounts from February 1st to 15th for this auspicious occasion.
  • You will also be their lucky client of getting a session of free consultation from their specialized dentist if you take along your latest dental X-rays for your second dental visit.
  1. Do not consider yourself unfortunate, if you do not have any insurance coverage, even then you can avail the following discounts:
  • They will cost you almost half on your total bill of first visit exam, dental cleaning and all the X-rays.
  • Second dental examination plus your needed X-rays at a $55 reduction.
  • Children’s dental checkup with X-rays, fluoride treatment and filling together makes a total of $200, but the Fox Valley dental office costs you $100 already if you don’t have any insurance cover.


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