When a woman is pregnant, the Boca Raton OBGYN plays an important role in her life. The OB-GYN is the sole person who can answer all the concerns and can take care of your minute considerations while you are pregnant. A routine procedure for the vaginal delivery is performed when the pregnancy has reached the full term at the office of OB-GYN. This occurs usually in between the 37th and the 42nd week of the pregnancy. Most of the time, the cervical opening becomes dilated and smoothes away in the weeks and days leading towards delivery. The process of labor is initiated on its own, but the obstetrician may help to induce the labor by rupturing the amniotic sac or administering the labor-inducing medicines.

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Labor can last from few minutes to many hours, during which the obstetrician manages the pain by giving different drugs and aiding the labor process. When the process of labor is started, the uterine contractions and the cervix to quickly dilate and move the baby into the birth canal, mostly in the head-down position. The cervix then reaches 10 cm in diameter approximately and the obstetrician instructs the laboring mother to force the baby out of the body. After the baby is out, then the placenta is expelled out of the body. During this procedure, the diagnosis of the whole process is made with the help of ultrasounds and pelvic examinations.

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Dr. Cueto, a native of Florida in Miami can speak both English and Spanish. She has gained the Bachelor of Science degree with Honors.  She has further graduated from Medical College in Milwaukee. She is certified by the board in the fields of Gynecology and Obstetrics. She is also engaged in the process of teaching the future generation of doctors. She emphasizes patient comfort and keeps them up-to-date along with latest innovations in the field. In this way, she makes her best to serve the patients with quality care.

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The office of Boca Raton OBGYN is located conveniently near the Central Park in Boca Raton area of Florida. The patients can feel-at-home at the office and it fully utilizes all the high-tech equipment. The sanitation system is made on the basis of ultra-modern guidelines and it follows all the OSHA requirements. All the staff is extremely friendly and is dedicated to giving comfort with high-class quality care right from the start of the visit. All the provisions are given to the patients with the best and the latest in medical technology, like the facilities of on-site ultrasound and bone density treatment options. All the emphasis is made on the maintenance of healthy habits in the patients and making improvements along with the necessary medical attention. The team also stresses all-inclusive quality care with highly progressive medical treatments. You will always find them welcoming the staff in their office!

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