They have witnessed many patients going through severe dental issues. Mostly the reason behind such pain and agony is delaying visits to a professional. So they at the East Windsor Family Dentist urge every one of you to please pay attention to your oral health. Their staff comprises of devoted professionals who are kind, caring and friendly. Their staff makes sure that you receive the best dental care and have a pleasant visit to their office in East Windsor.

Their Website

They have their official website designed by professionals that is quite sufficient to answer all your questions. They have posted pictures and videos of the procedures performed at their dental facility that can help you evaluate them. You can also book an appointment online using our website. You can also check for promotions and discounts on our website. They are offering FREE Customized Take-Home Whitening these days.

General Dentistry

Give them a call for all the details you want regarding this promotion. Costs of the procedures they are offering are reasonable to a certain extent but if you have insurance, then you will have to pay a nominal amount or less.

Patient Education

They strongly believe that awareness and patient education is very important. One should be completely aware and educated about what is coming. However, you can always refer to their website for patient education where we have detailed description of all the potential procedures and the services they are offering, covering all the aspects.


They offer a range of services to their patients. Some of their specialties are listed as follows:

Dental Implants

In the last 20 years, dental implants have become an anticipated alternative to other procedures of replacing missing teeth. Outstanding success rates and variety of options are available for both the patients and the dentists to replace and treat the lost teeth. Experts here can critically evaluate your case and tell if you really qualify for a dental implant.

A dental implant is a titanium-based piston that substitutes the missing tooth. After a reasonable amount of time, other parts are positioned on the implant, which allows the dentist to position a crown on the implant.

Root canal

It is one of the most famous procedures all over the world these days. Root canal treatment is the procedure of going into the pulp space and getting rid of the dead, infected tissue. Space is then disinfected and closed with special and effective materials. These days, root canal treatment is performed using the latest techniques and equipment, which makes it more effective and comfortable for the patients. Once you are done with your root canal treatment, the dentist will position a crown on your tooth to secure it against fracture and other potential tooth damages, as your repaired tooth is more vulnerable to dental stresses.

Dr. Rahool Patel is a professional dentist with years of experience in this field. He has been operating this facility for a long time and has created a lot of patients using the best techniques and the latest equipment. You are free to call him on the number mentioned on our website and discuss everything related to your oral health.