Parents are always cautious about giving their kids the best care there is. They provide them with the best food, the best care, and the best education. Though, most parents are confused about how to provide their kids with best dental care. They find themselves surrounded by questions like when is the right age for taking their child to the dentist? Or does my baby even require dental visits? Here are some of the queries answered.

When should my baby have his/her first visit to the dentist?

American Dental Association recommends that you make the child’s first dental visit by the child’s first birthday. The babies start to get their primary teeth by the first six months of birth, and the appointment should be scheduled within the next six months. The baby teeth are as important as adult teeth. They help the baby in chewing their food and also assist them in speaking.

Another reason, why visiting the dentist at this age very essential is, to maintain an excellent doctor-patient relationship from a very young age. It benefits both the patient and the dentist in the future dental visits. The child should be able to trust the dentist, so it is easier to undergo any dental procedure without causing the child any anxiety or discomfort. It is essential as children are usually scared of dental visits and avoid taking any treatments.

Children are also prone to early childhood caries, between the age 1-4, so it is important to get frequent check-ups to avoid tooth loss. Kids tend to develop oral habits like thumb sucking and lip biting which leads to dental problems and abnormalities. It is necessary to identify these addictions at an early age and treat them with the simplest of procedures.

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What is a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists are doctors that specialize in taking care of your baby’s teeth, gums and mouth. They tend to the primary or baby teeth throughout the different phases of kid’s life from infancy to adolescence. They are primarily dedicated to maintaining the dental health of the children while making their experience a positive one.

Training of a Pediatrician includes:

  • Four years of dental school
  • Two years of specializing in the Pediatric Dentistry. Pediatric Dentistry is the branch of dentistry that deals with the dental health of children till adolescence.

Services Offered

Here are the services that you can expect on your visit to a Pediatric dentist:

  • History: Complete review of the child’s dental and medical history is done by the dentist to understand and plan the treatment required.
  • Answers: You should feel free to ask any questions or clear any queries you have regarding your child’s dental health as the dentist will answer them all.
  • Evaluation: The complete oral assessment is done to diagnose any defects or diseases.
  • Prevention: the Preventive measure is taken for the protection of teeth, like, the application of fluorides.
  • Promotion: Dental health is promoted by creating awareness among the parents and the patient. They are taught about the correct brushing techniques and the required diet recommendations.

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  • Treatment plan: The dentist will evaluate the dental condition and make a suitable treatment plan and schedule dental visits according to that.
  • X-Rays: The dentist could take dental radiographs and X-Rays wherever required and interpret them to ensure the diagnosis.
  • Oral habit counseling: Dentists monitor the child’s habits for the presence of any oral addiction like thumb sucking or tongue thrusting and provide them with required appliances like a pacifier.
  • L.A. administration: They ensure proper administration of the local anesthesia and a painless dental procedure.
  • Restoration: Restoring of the cavities and repairing of the injured teeth is one of the prime responsibilities of the pediatrician.
  • Management of any existing gum disease is done.
  • Surgery: If there is a requirement for a surgical treatment of bones, teeth or gums, it is done in a correct, and efficient manner.

How to find an ideal Pediatrician for your child?

Many people have a misconception that children are mini versions of adults. Their way of coping with stress and other problems are much different from the adults. Hence, they require different sort of care and attention during their treatment.

One of the Best New York Kids Dentist, Dr. Kimberli Leal, believes that a child should be under the care of a Pediatrician that not only gives him/her the best treatment but also makes every visit a positive and constructive one.

Here is all that you should look for in your Pediatrician:

  • Friendly to your child.
  • Flexible to your queries.
  • Sensitive to treatment that is provided to your child.
  • A cheerful and healthy environment of the clinic.