Do you feel a sense of inferiority every single time you turn and look at yourself in the mirror? Many people think and feel the same because of their natural unattractive facial features. Do you think you lack self-confidence and can’t seem to succeed in life due to the feeling of inferiority?

Not all people are blessed with beautiful facial features, as some have disfigured faces due to some natural causes. The best solution to the specific problem of lousy nose structure and shape is getting a rhinoplasty done to improve your facial features.


What Is Rhinoplasty?

To give a general overview of rhinoplasty, it is a nose job, to put it bluntly. It can be done for a plethora of reasons ranging from improvement of physical look and beauty to medical reasons like breathing problems. The issue it solves is that it gives a makeover to one’s physical appearance.

Not many know about this, but it should be popularized as it is helpful for people who suffer from sinus. Rhinoplasty along with sinus surgery can cure the difficulty in breathing and other related problems. Sometimes the partition between nostrils is not proper and causes hindrance in breathing. It may also lead to excessive snoring and sleep-related issues which can be taken care of by getting rhinoplasty. Some people are born with congenital disabilities, and for some, there is a lack of symmetry of nose and mouth. These issues can be corrected by getting a rhinoplasty done.

The Procedure

The procedure involved in getting a rhinoplasty are as follows.

  1. Firstly you are given anesthetic, to numb your body after which the entire process is initiated. The anesthetic is chosen after consulting an experienced and professional doctor.
  2. This procedure is followed by a critical part of the process which is the incision that can be either hidden or open based on the situation. This step is crucial because we can remove the skin covering which in turn, helps us change the structure of the nose.
  3. Now comes the integral part which can make or break the operation. The actual procedure of reshaping the nose. A big nose can be reshaped by removing the cartilage present. For most rhinoplasty, cartilage from the septum, which is the division in the middle of the nose, is utilized for this procedure. Sometimes even the cartilage from the ear or rarely a section of rib cartilage can be used.
  4. Now comes correcting the septum, sometimes if the septum has deviated, don’t worry it can be straightened. The projections that are inside the nose are reduced to improve breathing.
  5. Also once the incision is made and the reshaping procedures are completed to get a perfect alignment of the nose, then the incision should be closed. The critical part involves red-raping the nasal skin and getting it back to normal.

The Advantages Of Rhinoplasty

The advantages of this service are many which primarily concerns cosmetic amenities. Numerous people due to their physical deformities, want to change their facial structure and improve their physical appearance by getting rhinoplasty. Along with these people, there are some who wish to enhance their facial features. Rhinoplasty looks to provide exactly that.

The procedure, on the whole, is very safe and can be carried out with no complications. Some people also suffer from inherent breathing problems because they were born that way, but with rhinoplasty, this too can be corrected and help solve their nasal issues.

Getting a nose job done can help correct the balance on the face because a more prominent nose may disrupt the standard human facial feature. It helps in improving the nasal flow of the person by opening the flaps and correcting the shape of the nose.

The Disadvantages Of Rhinoplasty

The disadvantages of rhinoplasty are less in number, but they should be considered. If an individual has thick nasal skin, then it will be difficult to notice the changes caused due to rhinoplasty. Another essential determinant that must be taken into account is that procedure may not always generate the desired result as one would expect.

Risks Involved In Rhinoplasty

The risks involved are little as there is very less chance for the procedure to falter but one should always proceed with caution.

Dr. Carlos Ayala, a Mcallen plastic surgery expert, suggests that a rhinoplasty can help you in more ways than one. A person opting for rhinoplasty must always get a consultation from a professional before going through with it.