The erection of pleasing value is necessary to complete the sexual contact, and the inability to do so is known as erectile dysfunction according to the terminologies of medical science. It is considered to be a type of impotency by many people when talking about Erectile Dysfunction we observe several cases. In few cases, the patient cannot attain any erection; it is categorized as a very intense problem. Moving towards some gentle cases we observe that patient has little less firmness as compared to other people. This firmness is attained back by use of San Jose Penile Prosthesis.

Erectile Dysfunction Problem
Erectile Dysfunction Problem

It is listed as the most frequent problem faced by man, it is noted very clearly that the problem of ED increases as the person grows older. Almost 25 million people suffer from the problem; residents of America are suffering in large numbers. People ranging from 40 years of age suffer from these problems in ratio of 5-10%, this number increases to 25-30% when the age increases to 65 years.

There are two main chambers in the penis, which run down along the whole length of the penis. The names of these chambers are corpora cavernosa; the chambers are closed by soft tissues, these spongy tissues are composed of muscles which are smooth. The muscles assist in expanding by getting firm, hard connecting tissue which encloses the corpora are named as tunica albuginea.

Another important element, which helps in attaining firmness are the normal nerves, these nerves are originated from the spine of a person and make their way to the penis going through the prostate. These nerves are responsible to give signal for starting of erection.

Erection is a complex process; there are several elements which help to attain an erection. These elements are veins, which are working properly, nerves, and arteries. All of these components are responsible for perfect erection, but we cannot neglect the presence of testosterone in adequate quantity. To begin an erection, the sympathetic stimulation is brought by the brain also needs to work perfectly. There can be several causes behind the erectile dysfunction process because it is mixture of several small events taking place in different parts of body.

The common issues observed in the patients of erectile dysfunction include neurological illness, high blood pressure, vascular disease, damaged nerves; 70% people have similar problems. Diabetes is observed to be present in 30-35% of men who suffers from ED.

The doctors carry out few tests, which help in diagnosing the erectile dysfunction, physical examination is also done. A questionnaire might be given to you, which helps the doctor to analyze the problem.The cost of San Jose Penile Prosthesis treatment is told by doctors after examining the case.

There are several modes of treatment for erectile dysfunction; the doctors will discuss with you all the possible methods accessible. A customized method of treatment is adapted depending upon the problem you face. Patient satisfaction is our goal, there are several modes of treatment; well known modes are San Jose penile prosthesis, rehabilitation of penile, hormonal therapy. The goal here is to solve your Erectile Dysfunction problem and enable you to attain erection that is sturdy and reliable.