Importance of Dental care

Dental hygiene is as much important as the hygiene of the food we eat daily. With the increasing number of dental illness and problems, people are becoming more and more conscious about their dental care. Dental care starts when a child gets 2years of age. The habit of brushing developed at that stage lasts for the lifetime. Parents should take care of the fact that their children should brush their teeth two times daily. The best timings of brushing are before going to bed in order to keep plague away at night and then the early morning after having your breakfast. This will help to remove food particles from the teeth surface and minimizes the effects of the plague, which is the root cause of every gum related problem. Another important thing to remember in dental care is the regular visits to the dentist every six months to diagnose any hidden problem in the teeth.

Searching the right St. Louis Dentist for your family
Healthy Smile

Oral Health

Oral health can be maintained by taking care of following few points:

  1. Use your own brush; do not share your brush with anyone.
  2. Use soft brush having soft bristles.
  3. Brush two times a day.
  4. Use a toothpaste with fluoride, which helps to fight against plague
  5. Learn the brushing techniques to make the most of the brushing.
  6. Avoid sticky and junk food like chocolates and candies.
  7. Limit the intake of soda.
  8. Floss your teeth after brushing.
  9. Brush for at least two minutes.

Oral health affects the overall health of a person. It is the starting point for a wide range of health-related issues. The most important are to maintain the oral health from the starting age of the child to develop his habit of brushing.

Finding the Right Dentist

The task is to find a reliable dentist in your town. St. Louis Dentist can provide you with the right insights about your dental care if you are at the right place. Dr, Aqsa Ahmed is one of the renowned dentists in the town. She is highly ranked among the St. Louis Dentist list. She takes care of her patients with individual attention. She makes comfort zone achievable by every patient, which actually minimizes the fear attached to the dental treatments. She is working with Dr. Hatel in his office and provides the latest treatments and procedures to the clients.

Dental procedures for Cosmetic Dentistry

The most popular treatment in cosmetic dentistry is the teeth whitening, polishing, and scaling. Cosmetic dentistry is focused on making your smile more attractive in the way you like. It is the most popular and growing field in the dental studies and procedures.

Dental Procedures for Family Dentistry

The dental implants, crowns, bridges, filling, root canal treatment, and aligning of teeth through braces come under the category of family dentistry. Dental implants are performed in case of a missing tooth or when the tooth is decayed due to the plague activities on your teeth. A root canal is the most painful procedure but a trustworthy dentist makes it much comfortable for you with his techniques and attitude.


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