What Is A Dental Check-Up?

Dental Checkup refers to the evaluation of the teeth by the dentist where he examines the condition of the teeth, gums, and checks whether the teeth are affected or not by cavities, plaque, etc. He advises about the diet, gives tips on how to maintain the oral health and provides brushing techniques, use of toothpaste, mouthwash, and toothbrush. It is advisable for a normal person to get dental checkups twice a year.

Top 10 Reasons To Go For A Dental Check-Up Regularly
Dental Check-Up

Top 10 Reasons To Go For A Dental Check-Up Regularly!

It is always necessary for a person to go for dental checkups twice a year and the following are the reason why people should go for dental check-ups:

  1. Getting regular dental checkups helps you to ensure healthy mouth as in such a case, one can detect the problems at an early stage and can be treated without any complications. Oral Cancer Foundation states that every minute a person is dying of oral cancer. If it is diagnosed early, a cavity can be treated, but specific problems if they are not treated, it can lead to other complications such as tooth decay, and cavities can spread in other places of the mouth.
  2. Dental Checkups can ensure healthy gums and teeth, which makes it easier for chewing and also digestion. When food is adequately chewed and swallowed, it is broken into simpler substances and ensures a healthy break down of food and digestion. Food is essential for everyone’s life, and so, healthy habits of food intake are necessary to ensure healthy digestion. 
  3. You are free from high-cost dental surgeries if you opt for regular dental checkups as cavities can be cured and tooth filling and chipping can be treated early, and one can avoid further complications. If left untreated, it may lead to surgeries such as root canal and tooth extraction, which can be a time-consuming process and the patient will have to make frequent visits to the dentist. 
  4. Gums are essential in the holding and gripping of the teeth, and if they are examined regularly, the dentist will provide you with ways and techniques to care for the gums. Gums, when left untreated, can lead to a variety of complications such as gum disease, tooth decay, etc. Gums, when treated early, will pave the way for healthy teeth and set you free from losing the existing teeth. 
  5. Teeth will be healthy for a lifetime if looked after by getting dental checkups. It will help you gain confidence and self-esteem in social setups. It can help you give out a radiant smile and restore and enhance your natural beauty. Some diseases, when diagnosed early may require minor treatments, but it will help you enjoy life further if you take good care. 
  6. You are free from various ailments related to the heart as the gums are linked to the nerves that reach to the heart. If you take care of the gums correctly, it will be an added advantage; if left untreated, it can cause dangerous complications in the long run. 
  7. Proper healthcare of teeth can be given if you go for regular dental checkups. The dentist will provide you with tips on oral health maintenance from time to time, which when followed will provide you with healthy teeth in the long run. The dentist will tell you about ways to brush the teeth, floss, and use of toothbrush and toothpaste. 
  8. It is advised to get dental checkups every six months in a year, and for some, it is appropriate to go every three months if you have ample ways to spend money to look after your teeth and mouth. Gingivitis and scaling can be treated early if regular visits are ensured. 
  9. Necessary cleaning procedures are followed if regular visits are ensured for restoring the natural enamel of the teeth. Enamel is worn out due to the unhealthy intake of foods and eating habits. 
  10. Helps in preventing oral cancer as the dentist advises to quit bad habits such as intake of alcohol, smoking and chewing tobacco as these can corrode and irritate the gums. If treated and motivated early can leave complications in mouth and throat.

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The above facts are essential in maintaining proper oral health, and it is the diet that plays a prominent role in the strength of the teeth. Dr. Mark Hagigi, a Rockville Dentist, advises taking foods rich in vitamins, leafy veggies and rich in calcium. The first step towards keeping your body healthy is to eat healthy food.