A migraine is a neurological disorder involving a recurring headache of varying intensity causing extreme discomfort, sensitivity to light and nausea. Those who have them know right pain, and it disturbs their day to day life massively. They cannot be eliminated, but their frequency can surely be controlled. Find out how below!

Top 15 Tips to Help you reduce the effects of a Migraine!
A migraine

1. Precautionary Tablets

Your doctor will prescribe you some preventive medications if you have regular migraines. These medicines were made for other severe diseases, but we’re found to be equally helpful in decreasing in the frequency of migraine occurrence in patients.

2. Note Down Your Triggers

Most people have some sensory triggers that set off their migraines such as stress, motion sickness, jet lag, flight cabin pressure, less sleep, elevation increase, artificial sugars, caffeine and alcohol intake, heat and pressure changes. You can control most of these so know your alarms.

3. Drink Loads Of Water

The amount you drink is never enough for your skin or organs. Loss of water as the electrolyte in your nerves can cause the brain to act up. Drinking four bottles of water per day helps a lot.

4. Proper Sleep Is A Must

Your beauty sleep is essential for your body as sleep rejuvenates it at night and replenishes the lost energy. If you don’t sleep for the right amount of time, your brain will still be tired the next day and hence the headaches.

5. Food Can Also Cause A Migraine

Food like chocolate, nitrates, spices, wine, cheese, citrus, nuts, pepperoni, tyramine, baked goods, chips, dried fruits, liver and aged meat are found to be severe and most common triggers. Unfortunately, you have to keep track of what you cannot eat and avoid those foods however much you might like them! Also, alcohols that give hangovers too soon might be producing migraine triggers.

6. Control Your Stress Levels

Stress is the villain to our health as it causes many mental conditions, hormonal alterations, migraine, and hair fall. So always learn how to chill out and relax when there’s a tough situation and stop over thinking everything!

7. Always Eat And Sleep At Regular Timings

Set up a schedule for these as they play a significant role in a migraine set off. Your body needs to go in a flow every day and get its energy from some source and process it promptly to function on full force again. So never postpone these. Never skip meals as low blood sugars, and nutrient deficiencies start migraines.

8. Get A Botox Treatment

This treatment though expensive helps many! Botox not only decreases skin sagging and wrinkles but also helps reduce a migraine by paralyzing the facial muscles that convulse during a headache.

9. Weight Reduction

It applies to women especially as it’s seen clinically that women who’re obese tend to experience more frequent migraines than those who are fit. To maintain your body and eat sufficiently.

10. Stay Away From Loud Noise And Brightness

Light from our phone screen, bright sunlight, loud car noises or any area with a high noise frequency is harmful to your head as it increases tension. Avoid being in such situations for long durations.

11. Exercise Regularly

Exercise manages your stress levels- and reduces your weight keeping you fit. As we know, obesity and stress are both significant triggers to it keeps them in check while keeping you healthy! Good posture plays essential to relieve unnecessary tension building up in your muscles.

12. Don’t Spend Too Much Time On Screens

Your body gets stressed out when you sit in the same position for a very long time. Also, your eye gets affected causing pain in the eye and forehead region which gradually may turn into a full-blown migraine.

13. Hormonal Changes Play A Crucial Role

Women are compassionate during the time before their periods and experience the most of migraines during this time as there is a considerable drop in estrogen levels in the body. Intake of birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy heightens migraine occurrences.

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14. Drop That Cigarette

People who smoke more than 4-6 cigarettes a day have shown more migraine development than those who don’t. So cut down those buds as they harm your health in every way possible!

Top 15 Tips to Help you reduce the effects of a Migraine!
Stop Smoking

15. Consider Acupuncture

This therapy is ancient and has been a traditional solution to migraines for centuries.  There are many professional centers today for the same.

As Dr. Beth Latimer, a Washington DC children’s neurologist, says, “Taking proper care of your body can turn around your life immediately and solve almost every problem faced by you!”

So, be healthy and follow these tips and they shall help you every day.

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