At the Downie Family Dentistry clinic, people are really given beautiful smiles. Dr. Will Downie is one of the best dentists in town and has a great family like staff which consists of all the top line professionals and given superb workmanship. The clinic is equipped with state of the art equipment and has an on-site lab with 3D imaging techniques. Patients can also watch the TV/DVD there while waiting for their turn or just to relax. There are different types of hi-tech tool as well which can help to achieve precision alignment with an ideal smile.
Get quality work from expert dentist at the Downie Family Dentistry!
Shining Teeth
Dr. Downie has a vast experience of 15 years and he has transformed my ugly teeth into ideal ones by his skills. He is very much caring and compassionate with the patients. He is very good with children as well and makes them feel calm and relaxed.
I am 71 years old and my teeth make me look 20 years younger. All my teeth were broken and I thought that there was no hope. The fees taken by the dentist was very reasonable and affordable for me.
The dentists also cleaned my teeth and filled up the cavities. Overall they have provided me with the best services. The entire team with him at the Downie Family Dentistry is highly knowledgeable and helpful. Patients can take emergency services as well as schedule an appointment. The environment here is highly relaxing and calm. The place is hygienic and beautiful. I would prefer that whenever you plan a visit to the dentist, make it sure that you land up here.
Get rid of all your dental problems today and give yourself a beautiful smile. Make sure that you get the best and comfortable dentistry procedures for all the dental problems. Call for an appointment today!
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