San Pedro Rehab Center believes family support to be the primary remedy for recovery and treats addicts as outpatients.

Strong drug and alcohol dependence is now largely observed in all classes of the society. Varying reasons for addictions exist among individuals belonging to different economic and social sectors. The reasons may be repeated break-ups, poverty, lack of success in academics and career, different complexes and phobias; all leading to utter stress and depression and feeling of being totally scattered, ashamed, embarrassment, poor self-confidence and suicidal thoughts.

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Drug Addiction

The observed root cause is mostly weak family bonds with mother, father, and siblings, where the one who falls victim of addiction feels none by his side for support and this drives him to the wrong path. Therefore, he or she takes the aid of substance or alcohol abuse to overcome the defying thoughts and memories so that such weak feelings fade away and one might find happiness and strength. However, the vice versa occurs in long-term and the addict is left more left-alone, shattered with lesser chances of revival. This is where the role of rehab center’s aid hops in when you are in the most frustrated and miserable behavioral state where every effort to rebound seems to push you ten steps back.

They, at South Bay Connect, the San Pedro Rehab Center helps you in the most effective and impactful manner to believe in yourself and enable you to perceive that yes! The solution is right there. They also counsel families of addicts to make optimum participation in your treatment plan. They guide families and once again reconnect family emotional bonds by making them understand how their change in attitudes can boost the drug abuser to recover. They help them believe that if they stop considering the victim’s state as totally hopeless and frustrating and see his behavioral modes in a new horizon, then how can the disturbed families live a healthy, happy life once again.

Their three principles of working with our leads John Tsuang, the addiction psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Alicia MacGowan, both having several years of experience, are; recovery, hope, and change, and they help you reconciliation and see you your situation in an entirely new and bright way.